Private Thórsmörk Valley & Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Sights

Duration: 8 - 9 hours
Departures: 08:30
Passengers: Min 1


The elegant Seljalandsfoss waterfall is unique in its kind, in that you can actually walk behind the plummeting falling stream without getting (too) wet, for a unique viewing angle. After a stop there we head on to the legendary Thórsmörk valley, nestled in between three glaciers, with a stop at the Gígjökull glacier further up in the valley. From there you can hike up to the edge of the magnificent glacier Eyjafjallajökull that descends from the summit of a volcano in a jumble of crevasses.

We will cross the deep and roaring rivers that guard the wooded surroundings of Thórsmörk, and you will have time to hike around the area and admire some of the many viewpoints it offers. Thorsmörk is Iceland‘s most popular hiking area, as visitors cannot fail to be in awe of its natural beauty and captivated by its charm. Drive back to the capital after a thoroughly exhilarating Superjeep excursion.

Thórsmörk & Eyjafjallajökull tour highlights: 

  • Thorsmörk Valley between 3 glaciers
  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall
  • Gígjökull
  • River crossing
  • Great hiking paths
Extras if you like to add on:
BBQ lunch, sit down and relax in this beautiful environment and have a icelandic BBQ lunch.
Kayak On Sea. The real adventure begins with this 2-hour guided sea tour amid the skerries and beautiful lagoons along the coast. Home to seals and an array of sea birds in an incredibly diverse biota.
Kayak On Lake. The popular 1 hour kayak trip (without guide) is a particularly interesting possibility for families and individuals, and especially for those with little to no previous kayaking experience. Participants can explore on their own in and around  the amazing labyrinth-like waterways. Notice that the area is absolutely safe and is great for beginners.
ATV Sharing or Solo this is 1 hour tour on ATV, We will be crossing small rivers and will visit waterfalls and caves along the way. 
Horse Riding This one hour riding tour is a great option for the whole family. The beautiful landscape in the Ölfus area is perfect for a short riding tour where you will get in touch with the friendly Icelandic horse.
Helicopter back to Reykjavík and drop off to your Hotel (max 5 persons per Helicopter, price per Helicopter ). From Þorsmörk you can take helicopter back to Reykjavík to make your journey more memorable.
From Rate you can choose whether you travel in in our famous Superjeep (up to 6 persons) or Monster truck (up to 10 persons) or in Luxury SUV (up to 6 persons) . The main difference is that we do not go off road on Luxury SUV and you will have easier access and more comfort.
It is important to understand that in Iceland you can experience all four seasons in less than one day. It is vital to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing like waterproof, walking shoes, dress in layers to be able to enjoy your journey to the fullest.
The tour runs all year around. In all our Private tours you can choose when you start your day, this tour is 7-10 hours and we recommend to start at 9:00



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