Borgarfjord & Icecave: The Power of Water

The raw power and natural beauty of water are on full display on Superjeep’s Borgafjord & Icecave tour. Let one of our mighty Superjeeps take you under a fjord and onward to your Borgarfjörður adventure. Visit Deildartunguhver, the hardest working hot spring in Europe, Hraunfossar waterfall and an otherworldly man-made ice cave in Langjökull glacier.

Hvalfjörður Tunnel

This trip begins with experiencing a feat of human engineering, Hvalfjörður tunnel. Fjords abound in Iceland. They offer sweeping views of mountains, the sea and the fjords themselves but sometimes you just want to get across the fjord as quickly as possible. Here’s where tunnels, such as the one under Hvalfjörður, come in handy. From end to end, the tunnel’s length is 5,770 m (18,930 ft) cutting what used to be an hour long trip down to seven minutes, if you’re pressed for time to get on with your adventure.


What does it mean to be, Deildartunguhver, the highest flow hot spring in Europe? It means pumping out 180 liters/second (47.5 gallons/second) at a piping hot 97ºC (206.6ºF). This hot spring is powerful enough to help heat two towns dozens of kilometers away. The small unique ecosystem that has sprung up around the hot spring is home to Struthiopteris fallax, Iceland’s only native fern. You won’t find this particular fern growing anywhere else in the world.


The delicate sound and beauty of Hraunfossar (Lava Waterfalls) is unmatched. Stretching across approximately 900 meters, this waterfall is mesmerizing. Water filters through Hallmundarhraun lava field before cascading down the sloped edges of the field into Hvítá (White River). Because there are gradually declining tiers of rock at the edge of the lava field instead a steep drop-off, the water doesn’t fall as much as gently flow out of the lava field, down the rocks and into the waiting river.

Just a few steps away from Hraunfossar is Barnafoss (Children’s Waterfall) which features in local Icelandic folktales. The waterfall courses through a small ravine and according to folktales, there was once a natural stone bridge across the falls. While the stories vary on the details, they all agree that at some point two children died after falling from the bridge and into the falls. Some stories say the bridge was ordered destroyed by their distraught mother while others say it was destroyed in an earthquake.

Ice Cave

After you’ve tunneled under a fjord, witnessed the power of a hot spring and wondered at the beauty of waterfalls, it will be time to put the Superjeep through its paces and head up to Langjökull (Long Glacier). By way of off-road tracks, you’ll make your way into the highlands for a one-of-a-kind journey into a glacier. At the heart of the glacier lies a cave and in order to get there, man-made tunnels have been carved out of the ice. You’ll make your way through the glacier, surrounded by blue-white ice that has been centuries in the making.

The natural wonders found on the Superjeep Borgarfjord & Icecave tour are not to be missed.

Customer reviews

This was our second tour of the week and because of the snowy conditions we went in an even bigger super jeep!! The tour didn't quite go as advertised, but it was a brilliant day and we saw some different sites to those advertised. Due to the conditi...

Carol Mayl, United Kingdom

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We took this tour a few days ago and it is amazing to see all the landscape in this area. Travelling by Superjeep is definitely the best way to see Iceland, it increases the number of places you can visit so much, and it is an experience not to be mi...

Carol Mayl, United Kingdom

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