Gullfoss Waterfall

The majestic and powerful Golden Falls

In Iceland you will find a vast number of waterfalls. For example, waterfalls like Hraunfossar, hundreds of meters long trickling into a blue glacial river, or Seljalandsfoss, thin and governing its surroundings like a princess, or Fossinn in Rauðfeldsgjá, a small paradise hidden from the beaten path at the end of a hike through a narrow ravine. But Gullfoss is the King, as Iceland´s most famous waterfall.

A special place in the local population

Gullfoss sits in on the brink of Iceland´s interiors and is a double tiered cascade that has a special place in the nation´s heart. The powerful and stunning waterfall is a symbol for the nation´s impassioned feelings the local population has shown towards this waterfall and in general environmental issues. Some have even taken dramatic measures to protect this specific waterfall, in the past.

The significance of One

Early in the 19th century Sigríður Tómasdóttir, a local Icelandic girl with no education, dedicated her life to stopping a hydroelectric dam from being built, which would have submerged Gullfoss entirely. She even threatened to throw herself into the waterfall to keep it from being dammed.

Due to her amazing actions to save Gullfoss, Sigríður has been named Iceland´s first environmentalist. She has become a symbol of the power of the individual to make a stance in society. Likewise, Gullfoss has become a monument of what great treasure there is in Iceland´s backyard.

Fall under the Spell

Gullfoss falls right into the Hvítárgljúfur canyon and a mist of water comes bursting up due to the power of the fall. Hence, it is a difficult waterfall to capture in photographs. It is actually allowed to stand literally on the edges of the canyon and at that point in time one realizes the raw power and the roar of the cascade. It is a humbling experience.

Despite of this, something draws you closer to the waterfall. It´s almost hypnotic and surely overwhelming. Visitors have even said that they were transfixed by Gullfoss, but there´s no need to worry. Our guides at Superjeep will guide you and make sure every safety precaution is met but capturing the moment of the majestic Gullfoss.




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