Iceland’s South Coast & Katla Ice Cave

Superjeeps are made for striking out into the wilderness and getting to the places ordinary vehicles would never try to approach, like the dreaded volcano Katla. Exploring the ice cave found under Kötlujökull, an icefall of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, and enjoying the stunning waterfalls and beaches of the south coast is one of the great Icelandic Superjeep adventures.

Year-Round Ice Cave Fun

Strap on your crampons and get ready to explore a cave like no other. Glacier ice caves are carved out by glacier meltwater working its way through the ancient ice over centuries. Most ice caves appear and disappear with the seasons but unlike other natural ice caves, the Katla ice cave is open year round. The formations within the cave may change but the cave itself remains, making it the only natural ice cave you know will be there, regardless of the season.

Ice in Black, White & Blue

Entering this magical place is like walking into an ice kingdom. The walls of ice are rippled and dimpled from the many years of wear and comes in black, white and blue. The striated layers of ice are hundreds of years old with the oldest ice being blue and the younger being white. The oldest ice is the most dense having been compressed over the centuries and reflects blue when light shines on or through it. Black layers of ice formed from the ashes of Katla’s past eruptions, the last one being in 1918 leaving a thick black layer in the ice of the glacier.

Waterfalls & a Black Sand Beach

After the heart thumping thrill of journeying through an ice cave you get to see where all that meltwater eventually ends up. Waterfalls! Along Icelands’ south coast you will find some of the most unique and photogenic waterfalls on the island. Seljalandsfoss is a tall stately waterfall you can actually walk behind while Skógafoss is  powerful and striking. The many rock formations at the black sand beach near the village of Vík are wonderful. The beach itself is made up of large black pebbles and fine black sand. Just off shore, jagged rock formations stick out from the ocean, while basalt formations on the beach take on the shapes of hexagonal columns.

Many visitors to Iceland visit the sights of the south coast but few pair it with exploring the highlands and even fewer go on to explore the glaciers and ice caves. The beauty of exploring Iceland with a Superjeep is not being limited in options for adventure. In a Superjeep, you can see it all!


Customer reviews

We recommend this tour, which we did on may 6th, very much. Real superjeep driving through an amazing landscape, on rocky dirtroads, through splashing riverbeds. Beats the bus! Views of a magnificent Gigjokull glacier and Eyjafjallajokull volcano (ni...

Peter Delsman, Netherlands Ant Illes

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We took this and other tours with Daytour (Ragnar) in 2004, we had a great time and it really made our holiday special. Everything was well organised in advance and it was much better than a coach tour as we got as much or little time at each place a...

Craig Tully, United Kingdom

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