Into the Land of Thor: Thórsmörk

Gorgeous landscapes abound in Iceland but few regions rival the idyllic beauty of Thórsmörk (Thor’s Land). Nestled in a valley between three glaciers, Thórsmörk is a lush green hideaway popular with outdoor enthusiasts and is not easily accessible to those without a Superjeep. But for those with the right set of giant wheels, journeying down the highland tracks and traversing rivers on a trip into Thórsmörk is an unforgettable experience. 

There’s Always Time for Seljalandsfoss

Before reaching the valley of Thórsmörk, one can take in the stunning views of the south coast and stop at the iconic and unique Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Iceland is known for its impressive glaciers, all of which produce meltwater which feeds Iceland’s rivers and the dazzling array of waterfalls that are found all over the island. But none are quite like Seljalandsfoss. This delicate waterfall in the Seljalands river hides a cliff ledge which means, when the weather permits, visitors can walk behind the waterfall. Seeing Iceland through the falling waters of Seljalandsfoss, feeling the mist on your face and on sunny days, watching rainbows dance about in the mist is a one of a kind feeling.


This serene and mesmerizing place is aptly named for Thór, one of the most powerful and popular gods in Norse mythology. The deeper you go into the valley, the more beautiful it becomes, as if touched by the hand of something divine. From delightfully trickling streams and rushing glacial rivers to tranquil green valleys, scenic hiking trails and stunning panoramic views, Thórsmörk is a nature lover’s dream. One could easily spend a few days here exploring all of hidden waterfalls and hiking the wooded trails of this magical place.

The Notorious Eyjafjallajökull

Those trickling streams and rushing rivers that run through Thórsmörk are fed by the surrounding glaciers, one of which is the infamous Eyjafjallajökull. Eyjafjallajökull lies atop an active volcano whose eruption back in 2010 caused days of disruptions to transatlantic air traffic. For now, the volcano sleeps once again and you won’t want to miss the chance to hike up to the edge of this massive glacier and say you’ve been there and done that.

Seeing all of these amazing places in a Superjeep is uniquely Icelandic and will surely be a memorable experience.



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David Regler, United Kingdom

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