On the Icelandic Troll

No, we’re not talking about internet trolls, although those equally as problematic. We’re talking real life trolls. Iceland is a magical place where trolls roam the mountains and those that have been petrified in the sunlight are scattered across mountainsides and sea shores. On one our Superjeep tours, you’re bound to come across some of these trolls, frozen in stone, and we’re here to give you a little background on these not so bright but incredibly fascinating creatures.

Up in the Mountains

The highlands of Iceland are mountainous and quite desolate making them the perfect home for trolls. They sleep away the days, hiding from the dangerous rays of the sun in mountain caves and hunt during the night. You should know that trolls are meat eaters and often try to lure tasty humans into their lairs using spells or enchantments so you must keep your wits about you when in the highlands.

Just as Magical as Elves

Most people don’t realize that it’s not only elves that have magic. Trolls, while not nearly as conventionally attractive or intelligent as elves, also have magic. Elves would probably say that their magic doesn’t amount to much but it shouldn’t be discounted. More than one human has gone off into the highlands, the realm of trolls, to never be seen again.

What’s That Smell?

Scientists may tell you it’s the high mineral content of Icelandic water that gives it the smell of sulfur but some say otherwise. In a word: farts. That’s right, you have flatulent trolls to thank for the unique smell of Icelandic hot water. Trolls, just like humans, like to soak in geothermal baths and as they relax in the hot water, well, they let ‘em rip.


Troll Sculptures

Trolls aren’t known for their skills as sculptors but they certainly cut a fine figure once they are petrified. Stories abound of how this troll or that lost track of time in the course of various schemes and were caught out by the sun’s rays. The three towering rocks called Reynisdrangar off Reynisfjara beach are said to be trolls that were attempting to drag a ship onto land when the sun rose and turned them to stone. 


On your next Superjeep tour, pay close attention to the rock formations. You just might see the petrified (if you’re lucky) faces of trolls staring back out at you.

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What a fantastic way to celebrate my wifes 50th, amazing. The guys were brilliant with helping me set up my camera, got some stunning shots. Thank you very much. PS. The jeeps are pretty cool too.

Lee & Carole Thompson, United Kingdom

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We recommend this tour, which we did on may 6th, very much. Real superjeep driving through an amazing landscape, on rocky dirtroads, through splashing riverbeds. Beats the bus! Views of a magnificent Gigjokull glacier and Eyjafjallajokull volcano (ni...

Peter Delsman, Netherlands Ant Illes

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