Recharge at the Blue Lagoon

Iceland’s gorgeous landscape invites adventure and the exploration of its many mountains, glaciers, fjords and volcanoes and at the end of a day trekking through the wilds on a Superjeep tour, you’re going to need to recharge your batteries. For that one of a kind experience in a uniquely Icelandic setting you want the preeminent Icelandic geothermal spa. You want the Blue Lagoon.

One Person’s Folly...

Out on Reykjanes peninsula, in the Illahraun lava field, the serene waters of the Blue Lagoon spread across more than 5,000 sq km of an area called Svartsengi or Black Meadow. It’s opaque blue waters stand in sharp contrast to the dark rocky surroundings. The waters of the lagoon were discovered as the result of boring for geothermal water for use by a power station but it’s high mineral content meant it was useless to the station and the water was pumped into the lava field creating what would later become the Blue Lagoon.

...Is Another Person’s Fortune

These days the Blue Lagoon boasts not only warm, healing, silica rich waters but also a first-class spa, hotels and restaurants so you won’t be at a loss for relaxation options. At the spa, with its variety of treatments (including in-water, various mineral and algae), massage, subterranean spaces and a private spa within the spa, you can indulge in luxurious skin care. The hotels offer a variety of well-appointed rooms with stunning views of the mountains, lava field or lagoon and the restaurants (one of which is recommended in the 2019 Michelin Guide) boast dishes featuring local and seasonal ingredients.

Delights of the Lagoon

Just being in the lagoon can be an invigorating experience. Soaking in the warm, blue-white waters in the midst of craggy volcanic rocks is restorative and a little bit surreal. And your Blue Lagoon experience would be incomplete without trying the mineral rich silica mask (available at the in-water mask bar)  that will leave your skin silky smooth and soft. After all, the reason so many flocked to the Blue Lagoon before it was the Blue Lagoon was to soak in its healing waters and slather on the curative mud that soothes the skin.

All of these amenities plus the saunas, steam bath, man-made waterfall and in-water bar make your time at the Blue Lagoon more than well spent. With a renewed body and spirit you will be ready to take on your next Superjeep adventure.





Customer reviews

Another awesome trip with Superjeep. A huge thank-you to Kristjan for taking us places you just can't go in your own car or by bus. Even if the landscape wasn't breathtaking (which it is), some of the roads driven on this trip will take your breath a...

Mike Richards, United Kingdom

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We did this tour the day after seeing the Northern Lights with Superjeep. Hard to think that experience could be surpassed but thanks to Birgir for a brilliant day out and for being so knowledgeable. His care and encouragement meant we saw and did mo...

Linda Newman, United Kingdom

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