Snæfellsnes Peninsula: Iceland Exemplified

On Snæfellsnes Peninsula you will find many of the impressively diverse features of the Icelandic landscape that make it so unique. Here, mountains hide volcanoes under glaciers and waterfalls cascade down the sides of cliffs. Farmland and fishing villages exists alongside towering bird cliffs and sandy shores. All these can be found in various combinations across the country but if you go on the Superjeep Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour you can see them all in one day trip.


Historic Ólafsvík

The Superjeep Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour takes you to the end of the peninsula and back again. Near the end of the peninsula, on Breiðarfjörður Bay and in view of the famed Snæfelsjökull glacier, lies the village of Ólafsvík. It is home to a large bustling harbour making it an ideal place for trade. Back in 1687 the king of Denmark granted the village its trading license making it the first and oldest commercial trading port in Iceland.


Snæfellsnes National Park

Made famous as the gateway to the center of the earth by science fiction writer Jules Verne, the glacier Snæfellsjökull and surrounding area are a national park that feature bird cliffs, architecturally alluring basalt formations and sandy beaches (which are not common in Iceland). The park is filled with a number of craggy rock formations, some of which are rumored to be home to elves while others are the petrified remains of trolls. Fun fact: on a clear day, Snæfellsjökull can be seen from Reykjavik.


Stykkishólmur Village & Kirkjufell - Church Mountain

Situated on the north side of the peninsula are two of the most popular places to visit in Snæfellsnes, the charming village of Stykkishólmur and iconic Kirkjufell or Church Mountain. The founders of Stykkishólmur may have chosen the location for the fishing but they definitely stayed for the amazing view. The village sits on a promontory that juts out into scenic Breiðarfjörður Bay so that everywhere you turn there is something beautiful to behold. Kirkjufell is one of the few stand-alone mountains in Iceland and that may very well be why it is the most photographed mountain in the country. Kirkjufell stands on its own peninsula, rising up into a narrow peak that pierces the sky. Make sure to have your camera ready for this one.


If you’re visiting Iceland, want to see the many variations of its natural beauty but are short for time, go on the Superjeep Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour. It won’t disappoint.




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WOW! - this is a must do trip whatever time of year. Due to the warmer winter weather conditions this trip was modified especially for us. As a family we love off-roading and this trip exceeded our expectations. The Land Rover was very comfortable, w...

John, Sarah, Isaac & Freya Rooke, United Kingdom

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We took this and other tours with Daytour (Ragnar) in 2004, we had a great time and it really made our holiday special. Everything was well organised in advance and it was much better than a coach tour as we got as much or little time at each place a...

Craig Tully, United Kingdom

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